KOMMER slutten av mai: Indo Pro Trampolinesparkesykkel

Forhåndsbestill Indo Pro!

Vi venter den i butikken i første halvdel av april.

Perfect your scooter skills with the Pro edition of the Indo Trampoline Scooter

The guys over at Indo have been working hard on this puppy. Their Pro Trampoline scooter is much closer in effect and center-of-gravity to actual pro scooters than its predecessors. With a massive update on the headset, they have been able to perfect the feel of practicing whips and other tricks.

Tech Features:

  • Don't worry about the cloth on your trampoline - Since this deck made entirely out of a foam material protecting both shins, ankles, etc., and also the surface you use it on
  • The width and t-shape of the bar is very similar to the setup found on most pro scooters, making it easy to transition into doing the newly learned tricks on your real scooter
  • The Pro edition is more heavily weighted to better resemble the weight of your scooter, yet again making it easier to hone in tricks and use them on your actual pro scooter


Bar materiale:Aluminium 6061

Bar høyde:740mm

Bar bredde:540mm

Montering:Delvis montert

Anbefalt for:5 år

  • kr 1 399,00