Tilbud: Ethic Lindworm 56 cm Svart Boxed Deck

Just when you thought that the Lindworm deck couldn't get any sicker - It arrives in a box-cut edition

The deck that started it all for Ethic DTC - The Lindworm - Is back with force and style on a deck built with reinforced box-cut drop-outs. Kevin Demay has never strayed from his original idea with the Lindworm - To make a deck that is perfect for any rider at any level.

Ready to rock with 12STD features and killer upgrades

  • The Lindworm V3 pro scooter deck is following the new standard from Ethic - 12STD which means a 12mm axle
  • The redesign of the deck was needed and also resulted in added strength and more deck-space to ride
  • Should you feel the need to run a regular 8mm axle, Transition Spacers are included

Deck bredde:14cm (5.5")

Deck lengde:56cm (22"), 59cm (23.22")

Hjuldiameter:100mm, 110mm, 115mm, 120mmHjul nav bredde:24, 30mmVekt:1841, 1900gMateriale:Aluminium 6061Materialets styrke:T6Deck design:One-pieceDropout-form:Box-cutKonkav:2°

Headtube vinkel:83°Headtube lengde:100mmHeadset-type:Integrated 1 1/8"Deck spacers:InkludertBremse type:Flex FenderBremse/Fender:InkludertBremse monteringsbolt:InkludertHjulbolt:InkludertAksel diameter:8, 12mmGriptape:Ikke inkludert

  • kr 2 199,00