Fuzion Titanbar

Fuzion is stepping up their game once again and introducing the first ever Fuzion Titanium Bars!

  • Oversized
  • 24″ wide x 26″ tall
  • 1.8lbs
  • No slit installed

Info fra Fuzion:

These bad boys are oversized, 24″ wide x 26″ tall, weigh in at 1.8lbs, and do NOT have a slit installed making it a perfect fit for any SCS compression system. Installing a slit at any local dealer allows you to use HIC or IHC (with a shim) compression. These are a limited run so definitely cop a pair before they’re gone!

Oversized bars without a slit are compatible with only full-size SCS as is. For HIC a slit must be installed. Standard bars without a slit are compatible with SCS as is. For IHC, a slit must be installed.Modifying the bar in any way voids the warranty and no refunds or exchanges will be given. If you have any questions about compatibility call or email your local shop.

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  • kr 3 299,00