Tilt Theory 3 deck inkl LSP griptape

The 3rd development of the wildly popular Tilt Theory Pro Scooter Deck is here!

Ready to amp up your favorite ride with the Tilt Theory 3 deck? Then hurry up and get yours. With a nice range of sizes to choose from and some classic concave shaping for a great feel on your feet, when catching tricks.

Tech Features:

  • "Crook Nook" shape in the bottom of the neck, which allows for catching nose-tricks beautifully on rails
  • Box-shaped with a curbed rear for a nice release when doing grinds
  • The 6" series keeps it's weight down with a cut to the center of the bottom where the others are fully flat


  • The foot fender on this deck is welded in, meaning you will not be able to ride this deck with a brake attached

Deck bredde:12.7cm (5"), 14cm (5.5"), 15.2cm (6")

Deck lengde:50.8cm (20"), 53.3cm (21"), 55.9cm (22"), 58.4cm (23")

Hjuldiameter:100mm, 110mm, 115mm, 120mm

Hjul nav bredde:24, 30mm

Vekt:1760, 1700, 1755, 1787, 1610g

Materiale:Aluminium 6061

Materialets styrke:T6

Deck design:One-piece



Headtube vinkel:83°

Headset-type:Integrated 1 1/8"

Deck spacers:Inkludert

Bremse type:Flex Fender



Aksel diameter:8mm

Griptape: LSP griptape inkliudert

  • kr 2 599,00