Root Air Signature Deck

Shred like your favorite Root Industries Team Rider with one of the Air Signature Decks

Pick your favor between the Shaun Williams, Jamie Addison, or Clayton Lindley signature editions of the tried and tested Root Air decks. Hone in those skills with the flat bottom and the boxed shape at the rear, for better balance in grinds.

Killer looks based on Team Rider history

  • Clayton Lindley
    His style of riding is innovative and he is known as one of the pioneers of the industry
    The graphics depict his journey from his early days in California till now, where he is currently living in Amarillo Texas
  • Jamie Addison
    Renowned for his extreme style of riding where nothing holds him back from going for it
    On the bottom of his deck is a depiction of some of the small things in life, that Jamie appreciates
  • Shaun Williams
    Some would say that Shaun is as skilled and creative with his trusted DSLR camera as he is with his scooter
    His graphics depict the Norfolk pine which is from the isle of Norfolk like Shaun is originally

A techy deck made for big trick riding and grinds

  • Grinding with the Air deck is made easy, thanks to the boxed ends, that come with replaceable inserts
  • The Air decks are rigorously tested by Root Team riders ensuring it can keep up with the most demanding riders
  • The 2° concave will allow you to easily initiate tricks and it will also help stabilize your landings with comfortable foot-lock

Deck bredde:12.2cm (4.8"), 13cm (5.1")Deck lengde:50.8cm (20"), 52cm (20.5"), 53.3cm (21")Hjuldiameter:100mm, 110mm, 115mm, 120mmHjul nav bredde:24, 30mmVekt:1900, 1850, 1790gMateriale:Aluminium 6061Materialets styrke:T6Deck design:One-pieceDropout-form:Box-cutKonkav:Ja

Headtube vinkel:82.5°Headtube lengde:110mmHeadset-type:Integrated 1 1/8"Deck spacers:InkludertBremse type:Flex Fender, Fender (Brakeless)Bremse/Fender:InkludertBremse monteringsbolt:InkludertHjulbolt:InkludertAksel diameter:8mmGriptape:Ikke inkludert

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