Tilt Meta Will Cashion 120 mm Hjul 2 stk

Whitetrashwilly sign hjul 120 mm

Tilt is going full Meta with this pro scooter wheel

If you are wondering whether these wheels are a result of Meta-mathematical calculations or just wheels that only exist in the Meta-physical plane, well, you are not alone.
All we know is that Tilt made them, they look killer, and they are available in the most popular size of all pro scooter wheels.

Avoid de-hubbing with a pair of wheels that are ready to roll

  • They come complete with bearings and spacers installed
  • Featuring the Bond Guard technology for an ultimate bond between core and urethane

Kulelager og spacers:Inkludert


Kjernedesign:SpokedHjuldiameter:120mmVekt:220gHjul per pakke:2

Kjernemateriale:AluminiumHjulprofil:rundKulelager presisjon:Ikke specifisertKulelager størrelse:608Aksel diameter:8mmHjul nav bredde:30mm

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