GAN 460 M Stickerless 4x4 Speedcube

GAN 460 M Stickerless 4x4 Speedcube

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Configuration List:

1. Cube: GAN460 Stickered(Half-Bright)/GAN460 Stickerless

2. Plastic tuning tool

3. GAN’s Tutorial

  • SEE THE FORCE, SPEED WITH YOU -460M features revolutionary GMC (GAN magnet capsule) technology to show all 96 magnets noticeably. Magnets are tightly locked into each capsule so no longer missing/falling out.
  • TOTAL SYMMETRY, TOTAL STRENGTHENED - The 460M is endowed with total symmetric clips, high-strength feets and unbreakable blocks. Pieces & blocks are all locked up by clips perfectly and firmly.
  • ASSEMBLED WITH SCORE - 460M comes with new 4x4 IPG built by merging iron and plastic and based on the 3x3 IPG design. Higher perpendicularity, bigger inner space, longer hidden edge piece, resulting stronger anti-POP abilities.
  • YOUR PB RENEWER WITH THIS BUTTERY SMOOTH CUBE - Inner honeycomb surface reduces friction and endures lubrication; 40°/25° corner-cutting ability is optimized to the best degree. 460 M has all latest features a 4x4 speed cube can have to be your record breaker.
  • Great corner cutting, Tension adjustable. Difficult to pop, great control of the cube. Excellent stability.
  • This 4x4 cube can foster your kid's sense of space and enhance a child's memory. Suitable for beginner and professional player. Great classic toy idea for your loved ones.
  • Ultimate Gift for Kids - No one falls out of love with the magic cube 4x4. They are always awesome for both kids and adults, you can take them anywhere.