KROM Noia 4 Kendama
KROM Noia 4 Kendama
KROM Noia 4 Kendama

KROM Noia 4 Kendama

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Stay classy with the original NOIA kendama by KROM

The NOIA Kendama by the Danish-based KROM was designed by the legendary kendama player, and company founder, Thorkild May, back in 2011 and has been developed ever since. The NOIA is considered the hallmark of the brand and will surely carry a bunch of updated techs and features you'll enjoy on your journey.

Make sure to check out the inspirational video, showing off NOIA 4, 5, and 6.

Technical features

  • KROM 1% shape - meaning it comes with 1% larger cups than the Pop
  • Bullseye + scope lines (3x white lines in the bottom of the ball), that will help you keep track of the ball at all times
  • Made from chip-resistant grade A beech wood for maximum durability
  • Base cup warp hole for enhanced balance and lowered weight
  • Designed by Thorkild May himself (2014 freestyle kendama world champion)
  • Coated with super sticky KROM LOL clear - ready to rock out of the box
  • Mini bearing for increased strength, control, and precision
  • Custom stickers included

Notice: Due to the manufacturing process, each kendama has its own unique pattern and will therefore not correspond 100% to the photo shown.