Prime Svart Backsweep Y Bar

Prime Svart Backsweep Y Bar

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Grab a Prime Pro Scooter bar and grab it hard with the intentions of putting down hard lines with your Scooter

Whether you shred the streets or the skateparks, the Prim Pro Scooter Bar will be an obvious choice for you - Especially if you are the type to go hard on landings and tricks. It features a strengthened Y-shape design and is made from solid chromoly steel.


  • Swept towards the back and down a bit for a super comfy riding position
  • 4-piece construction with strong welds

Kompatibel med:Standard HIC

Bar-end passer med:Stål

Bar høyde:730, 750mm

Bar bredde:620, 650mm

Bar materiale:Chromoly-stål 4130

Bar ytre diameter:35mm (Oversized)

Bar indre diameter:32mm


Bar design:Four-piece



SCS Ready:Nei

SCS-adapter inkludert:Nei

Kompressjon system inkludert:Nei