Proto Plasma Signature Chema Cardenas 110 mm Hjul 2 stk

Proto Plasma Signature Chema Cardenas 110 mm Hjul 2 stk

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Ride the Proto Plasma pro scooter wheels in the style of their Pro riders

If you ask the guys at Proto, they will swiftly tell you that this wheel design is something straight from outer space. The formula they have used to make these wicked transparent PU's stick to their cores is made with space-like and somewhat alien materials. This is the signature edition.

The stickiest and most grippy wheel by Proto

  • If you love riding Proto wheels but find them lacking in grip, then you should try the Plasmas
  • The Plasma Wheels are made in California and come with Proto Murders bearings pre-installed
  • The cores are made with the coveted Proto BUFF core tech that helps prevent dehubbing

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Kulelager størrelse:608

Aksel diameter:8mm

Hjul nav bredde:24mm