Striker Titan Kink Bend Bar
Striker Titan Kink Bend Bar
Striker Titan Kink Bend Bar

Striker Titan Kink Bend Bar

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Go super lightweight with your next bar and pick the titanium Bend bar from Striker

Strength, low weight, and killer looks are combined beautifully in the latest bar from Danish pro scooter brand Striker. The Bend bar comes in a good size and still retains a weight under one kilo. It is intended for use by technically proficient riders.

Lighter than aluminum and almost as strong as steel

  • The titanium used for this Bend pro scooter bar is almost as strong as steel while being ultra-low weight
  • A slit ensures good compression on HIC, while the included bar-insert allow you to run it as an SCS bar

Notice: Taking into consideration the price and the mechanical properties of the titanium bars - We recommend these primarily for riders of a certain skill level. Intermediate to pro as a minimum. This is because they can break as well as bars of other materials if not used correctly.

Kompatibel med:Standard HIC, SCS

Bar-end passer med:Aluminium, Stål

Bar høyde:710mm

Bar bredde:600mm

Bar materiale:Titanium

Bar ytre diameter:35mm (Oversized)

Bar indre diameter:32mm


Bar design:Two-piece


SCS-adapter inkludert:Ja