Tilt Durare Spoked 110 mm Hjul 2 stk

Tilt Durare Spoked 110 mm Hjul 2 stk

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Want to try slightly wider wheels and experience the huge difference they make?

If you are struggling to find either grip or getting enough speed on your pro scooter, then these Durare Spoked Pro scooter wheels by Tily may be your solution.

Tested by the team riders and ready-to-shred

  • As seen with many Tilt scooter parts, these wheels have been through the wringer and are approved by the team
  • All you need to do is get a compatible deck and fork, mount them up and off you go

Kulelager og spacers:Inkludert



Hjuldiameter:110mm, 120mm


Hjul per pakke:2



Kulelager presisjon:Ikke specifisert

Kulelager størrelse:608@

Aksel diameter:8mm

Hjul nav bredde:24, 30mm