Striker Bgseakk V2 Deck
Striker Bgseakk V2 Deck
Striker Bgseakk V2 Deck
Striker Bgseakk V2 Deck
Striker Bgseakk V2 Deck
Striker Bgseakk V2 Deck

Striker Bgseakk V2 Deck

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The Striker Bgseakk Magnetit V2 Pro Scooter is a well-performing pro scooter deck , and it is made from light yet durable Aluminum 6061-T6. If parks are your passion and you're into whip and flare tricks, then the peg-cut shape is for you. As the name suggests, it has the perfect shape to host pegs for relentless grinds. This Striker scooter deck is compatible with 100mm, 110mm and 120mm wheels.

It is available in a few different lengths - remember to pick the one suiting your size and needs the best. * Shorter 18.5" length is the perfect choice for smaller park riders.
* If you are looking for versatility with tricks and enough space for comfortable landings, then pick a deck with a length between 19'' and 22''.

In addition, the narrower width of 4.72" is perfect for park sessions: it has all the responsiveness needed by technical riders, especially the smaller ones. * Deck spacers for centering the rear wheel are included with this deck model
Because of the 82.5° headtube angle, making spinning tails and heel whips will be easier as you have plenty of space
A concave top design helps you to stay in control of your tricks thanks to the enhanced grip
* Included flex fender brake curves around the wheel and provides a strong breaking power

Deck bredde:12cm (4.72")

Deck lengde:47cm (18.5"), 49cm (19.3"), 51cm (20.1")

Hjuldiameter:100mm, 110mm, 120mm

Hjul nav bredde:24mm

Vekt:1150, 1200, 1250g

Materiale:Aluminium 6061

Materialets styrke:T6

Deck design:One-piece



Headtube vinkel:82.5°

Headtube lengde:110mm

Headset-type:Integrated 1 1/8"

Deck spacers:Inkludert

Bremse type:Flex Fender


Bremse monteringsbolt:Inkludert


Aksel diameter:8mm

Griptape:ILSP griptape inkludert