CORE SL2 Plastic Box Scooter Deck Ends
CORE SL2 Plastic Box Scooter Deck Ends

CORE SL2 Plastic Box Scooter Deck Ends

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The CORE SL Scooter Deck is designed with skatepark riders in mind. Engineered from the ground up to be one of the lightest stunt scooters on the market you’re about to unlock all those tricks you’ve been trying! Constructed from 6061 Aluminum (the stuff they make space ships from) you know it’s going to be super strong and light. Every aspect of this scooter has been custom tooled by us with the sole purpose of skatepark riding.

Deck bredde:11.4cm (4.5")
Deck lengde:49.5cm (19.5")
Hjuldiameter:110mm, 120mm
Hjul nav bredde:24mm
Materiale:Aluminium 6061
Deck design:One-piece
Headtube vinkel:83°
Headtube lengde:100mm
Headset-type:Integrated 1 1/8"
Deck spacers:Inkludert
Bremse type:Flex Fender
Bremse monteringsbolt:Inkludert
Aksel diameter:8mm