GAIN The Shield PRO Knebeskyttere
GAIN The Shield PRO Knebeskyttere
GAIN The Shield PRO Knebeskyttere
GAIN The Shield PRO Knebeskyttere

GAIN The Shield PRO Knebeskyttere

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The Shield knee pads have been on the market since 2017, and quickly became our bestseller - they were the first high quality knee pads ever to be designed specifically for freestyle scootering. We felt like they were due for a complete redesign, and the result is these fantastic new pads. 


Let’s see the changes – there’s so many! The pads may look a bit similar, but these have been taken to a whole new level, and every single material is new, and improved. Did we mention they are made in the EU? 

The base is made from this checkered super strong rip-stop Cordura material, the Kevlar strip on the bottom part of the front is even more durable. The top features strong AirMesh fabric for more ventilation and for a stylish look. 

The Shield Pros have three segments instead of just two (top segment, middle section with the new foam insert, and the new, separate bottom segment that enables it to form/shape even better, without putting any pressure on your shin. 

The main foam insert has been engineered to hug around the knee perfectly, it’s multi layered, reinforced with anti-Shock foam, instead of just a standard single density foam. It works beautifully for big tricks, as it absorbs a lot higher level of impacts than the previous version. There is a rather sticky silicone printed strip inside the pads that prevent them from sliding down. 

The new straps are much more velcro hook resistant, and firmer. The back flaps are made from Duratex neoprene for increased product lifespan. The -replaceable- plastic caps are made from a new, more flexible compound – and they will be available in a lot of our unique „Swirl” colourways, so you can even upgrade your caps to match the colour of your scooter! 

Loved and endorsed by our team and some of the best riders in the world - using the Shield PRO knee pads, rest assured you can ride and progress with confidence – you no longer need to use pads designed for skateboarding, which are built different and might be uncomfortable because of the more straight stance of scootering.