Striker Gravis Svart SCS Clamp
Striker Gravis Svart SCS Clamp

Striker Gravis Svart SCS Clamp

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Pamper your scooter's compression system with this rugged SCS scooter clamp! Four bolts, mama mia! No element around the headset will move even the slightest with this sturdy metal beast on. This clamp is so understated, leaving space for other parts on the scooter to spice up the ride.

  • Regular-sized on the inside but oversized on the outside, this fastener is all you need to keep your scooter running and looking slick
  • Made of sturdy aluminum, the 209gr SCS scooter clamp is lighter than its badass industrial look implies, but still incredibly robust
  • SCS compression system included for a complete makeover of your scooter that'll turn it into your tailor-made stunt Ferrari

You don't have much time before each one of these superb fasteners finds its new owner. Scooterists buy a few of them at a time because their value is priceless! Add to cart now to not sway your way to those footplants!

  • Clamp inner diameter:32mm (Regular), 35mm (Oversized)
  • Clamp size: Quad
  • Shim:Included
  • Weight:209 g
  • Compression system included:SCS
  • Material:Aluminium
  • Starnut:Not included
  • Compression Bolt:SCS
  • Compression Bolt length:40mm